About Us

The Fund for Excellence was established in 1988 for the purpose of improving the quality of education within the Hamilton County public schools by providing support in the form of fundraising opportunities, scholarships, recognition awards, and other means.

The Fund is seeking to develop new sources of revenue that will enable it to support the district’s key initiatives as outlined in its Future Ready 2023 strategic plan. Focus areas for action include:

  • Accelerating Student Achievement  – The board and community have articulated high expectations for student achievement. To improve student outcomes, we will focus on aligning standards, assessments, and instruction, as well as prioritizing educational equity so that all students can reach their full potential. 
  • Future Ready Students    – Our overarching mission as a public school district is to ensure our students are successful after graduation. We will work to help students identify their interests and acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities to pursue their preferred option for college and/or career, whatever it might be.
  • Great Teachers and Leaders  – Our students cannot be successful without strong teachers and leaders to support their learning. Our district must ensure that we attract, develop, and retain top talent across all educational and operational areas. 
  • Engaged Community   – Our district serves our community as the public provider of pre-K-12 education for all families. Moreover, we serve as the foundation for workforce development. It is important that we continually gather feedback and input from our stakeholders, in addition to keeping them informed on our progress.
  • Efficient and Effective Operations  – From building maintenance to transportation to technology infrastructure, we understand that seamless operations are key to delivering a high quality public education to our students. Our operations must help – not hinder – the creation of a safe and healthy environment, conducive to student learning.